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Bodega Soutelo SL


11.0% Vol. 75 CL / 750 ml.

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This light, fresh white aims to be your next go-to wine for the spring, summer and any season! A cheerful and young wine with a fast maturation, Fuxitivo (fugitive) encompasses inviting aromas of fresh flowers, apricot, peach and orange peel with a hint of minerality.

Drenched by the sun on the Cañon del Sil in Galicia, Spain, our selection aims at being the bold and daring option in a province dominated by red wines. The Fuxitivo pays homage to the old-world vines by honoring their defying spirit and being among new invigorating vintages portrayed by this beautiful region.

As the first vintage of this type of wine in our bodega, we raise a glass and celebrate the rebels who break the rules and go beyond what they are told they could achieve. This is to you and your new horizons.



Palomino Fino Grape.
This grape, principally used in Sherry, grows naturally in the lime-rich soils of our vineyards drenched by the bountiful sun and the microclimate from the Cañon del Sil. This grape variety ripens early and has low to medium acidity, yielding a medium body with flavors of lemon, jackfruit, almond, and mushrooms.


Galicia, Spain.

Primary Flavors & Aromas

Lemon, Jackfruit, Almond, Fresh flowers, Apricot, Peach, Almond, and Mushroom


Serve between 7-12°C / 45–55°F. A white wine glass is recommended for this wine. Decanting is not required for this wine.

Food Pairing

Oysters with lime vinaigrette.
Grilled trout with toasted pinenuts.
Sesame-marinated salmon.
Soft cheeses like burrata, or semi-hard cheeses such as manchego, gouda, and salty feta.

Artisanal Wines

Our cellars are small, but our vintages are full of flavor. Each bottle is hand-produced using the least amount of machinery, keeping the region's tradition of family winemaking alive for more than 2,000 years.

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    All of our wines ship globally from our bodega in Spain. Some geographical areas may be restricted.

  • UNESCO World Heritage Candidate

    The stunning terraced vineyards carved into the steep slopes makes this Biosphere Reserve a World Heritage candidate.